Should My Marketing Plan Include HD Video of the home?

The rarity in real estate marketing is video. Less than 1% of agents use it but it grabs the most attention. It is labor intensive and requires a knowledge of equipment, specialized software and internet expertise. It is a great way to really get a true feeling of being inside of your home. It is the most downloaded part of my personal web site. Your video is viewable on your web site,, and It is also on All video will be taken using a steady cam for, super smooth, motion video.

Here is one other thing you should know about video. As of 2017, Zillow now allows a video to be a part of any listing on the Zillow web site. The problem is that in order to have a video on Zillow, it must be shot through the proprietary “Zillow Premier Agent App” and taken from a smart phone, hand held, and a maximum of 2 minutes in length….. It’s AWFUL!!!

With us, it is the professionally shot and edited video that will be uploaded to Zillow. AND!!! Listings on Zillow with video get moved to the top of the search results!!!! This is HUGE!!! Be sure to ask me more about this.

This piece of marketing alone is huge in consumer satisfaction and needs to be a part of any home marketing plan.

Below is what your video looks like on your web site

The video is also embedded as photo number 2 in the Windermere photo gallery at


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