4 Should My Marketing Plan Have Expanded Sign Information? Is the first point of contact phone number going to be the agents cell number or the office number? Is there information on a virtual tour link? Is there a link to an instant photo gallery that a buyer can see while sitting in front of your home?

You have a buyer sitting right in front of your home. They want information. Your sign has all of the information they need and all of the links to photos, video and your web site.

The “sign rider” that you see here is unlike anything you will see anywhere else. Most sign riders are cheap plastic pre-formatted items that are too small to read and are generally something provided by a mortgage lender to drum up some business.

This sign rider is a big, colorful, high gloss metal call to action. It is actually designed to get potential buyers looking at your home in a number of different ways. This works especially well during our long Winter months here in the Northwest when people do not want to get out of their cars in the rain.

This sign makes it extremely easy and convenient for buyers to get additional live information on your home. It makes your home look just that much more special than your competition!

I’ve seen enough, take me to the plan summary “My Plan vs Their plan”

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