5 Should My Marketing Plan Have Expanded Flyer Information?

You have a buyer sitting right in front of your home. They want information. Your flyer has all the information they need and all of the links to photos, video and your web site.

Again we make it easy and convenient to get all of the information on your home and delivered in the way that your buyer chooses.

Should a flyer box ever go empty? Can potential buyers get further information on your home with an empty flyer box? There is nothing better that says “This home has no energy and we don’t care if it sells” than an empty flyer box. You need a plan to make sure that never happens. I have a plan for that and as long as we employ a very simple procedure, I can guarantee, your flyer box will never go empty.

How many days in total did your last listing go without flyers in the box?

I’ve seen enough, take me to the plan summary “My Plan vs Their plan”

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