7 Should I Have Call Capture Technology and Agent Follow-up?

You have a buyer sitting right in front of your home. They want information. Your flyer and sign has a toll free phone number where potential buyers can call to get information about your home.

The buyer listens to the recording and notices a text message from the agent has just arrived. It has a live link to your home web site. The recording finishes by telling the buyer the price. The buyer is then asked if they want more information and if they would like to leave a message. If they want more information, the buyer is connected immediately to me. If they answer no, I am still receiving an instant text notification and an e-mail that a buyer is listening to information on your home. If they don’t call me, I will be calling them as I have their phone number, 100% of the time.

When the buyer leaves, they have a link to your home web site still on their phone for later reference.

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