Should I Have Professional Photos AND an Advanced Presentation?

Wow... lots to discuss here. This is where it starts. The photography of your home is the most important part of your marketing. It effects almost every other physical and virtual thing we do. Selling a home is also a psychological process. If you have great photos that attract a buyer to come look, they will unconsciously try to match what they saw online to the reality of being there. Good photos = good feelings. Bad photos will also enforce bad feelings. Do a search for homes on your favorite site. Look how many homes have bad photos. Not Convinced....  CLICK HERE

If you do not have perfect, beautiful, professional photos in large quantities (that means more than 25) then you are missing the number one element necessary to selling and getting the most money out of your home!

Buyers today have no tolerance for poor photos. Buyers also show limited interest in listings which provide only a few photos! If I cannot convince you of these facts and the value of between $500 -$1000 worth of photos, that I provide to you for FREE, then you will be wasting your time going through the rest of this site!

I own a second business that specializes in professional residential photography and video. I work with other agents and do the photography for their listings. You can check out my business web site at The equipment and software used to take your home interior and exterior photos is the best available. Hours of work go into processing your final photos into images that truly capture the interest of potential buyers

Consider hiring the real estate broker that other real estate professionals trust to properly capture their clients homes

All images on this site taken by, a service of Kollar Marketing Group and The consistent look of these images, across many homes, is the result of very sophisticated hardware, software and techniques employed by You should expect your home to look like the images you see on this site. Count on between 50 and 100 photos or more with this level of quality. This is what gets homes sold!

Please check out the incredible functionality of the photo gallery software below. Your photos will be presented in this manner.


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